Wriggle Email Template

We were approached by Bristol-based Wriggle to redesign their primary modular email template. We’re big fans of Wriggle and consult their website whenever we’re planning a visit to the city to make sure we’re getting the best deals at all the best eateries, so we were very excited to take on this project.


One of our main objectives was to bring the Wriggle email template in-line with the brand style of the website and app. It’s really important to have a consistent journey for the consumer across all of the channels they could potentially be exposed to your brand, and for them to enjoy a smooth visual journey when clicking through from their inbox to the Wriggle website.

Wriggle website


To make the template super flexible for Wriggle, we built in a couple of options for the hero section of the email for them to switch up depending on who it was being sent to. For consumer emails, they could use a large version of the event tile as the hero piece, and for business-to-business emails they can swap it out for a large hero image linking to a blog post or section of the website they want to specifically highlight.

Wriggle email heroes


Wriggle wanted a few different button options to allow them to push one or two specific social channels depending on the context and main focus of the email. They’re all designed, coded up and ready to go so can easily be swapped out within the template in their email platform.

Wriggle social buttons


We’re really pleased with how the final template turned out. It’s clean, adaptable, responsive and consistent with the brand. Like what you see? Get in touch to find out how we can help improve your customer communications.