Website Design and development

We know you’ve got a lot of choice when it comes to website design, and you need to be 100% sure that the most important marketing tool your business has is in the safe hands of a passionate team of forward thinking designers and developers. CHALK & PIXEL have the vision and dynamic skill-set to ensure you’re making the most of everything the web can offer your business.

When it comes to design there’s only one rule we abide by – Keep it simple… There’s a reason your user or potential customer/client is visiting your website, and that’s to get to the information they seek as quickly as possible. That information could be your contact details, it could be a product you’re selling, it could be anything! Regardless, if you want your business to succeed online – Simplify.

All of our websites are designed to fit the bespoke requirements provided in your unique design brief. We build your site into our intuitive and powerful php driven content management system and all of our front end code is the very latest compliant HTML5, Javascript and CSS3.

Don’t worry about all the other details either, we can provide cost-effective website and email hosting as well as domain name registration. Alternatively if you’re already set up, then we’re more than happy to work alongside your current suppliers.

Get in touch for a friendly and informal chat about your website requirements.


Our websites adapt to fit your user, customer or client’s device. Using the latest responsive techniques we ensure your visitors are receiving the optimum user experience.


We believe our design team are the best around, their creative expertise is reflected in every single one of our designs and each project is full of the passion they live and breathe daily.


We know it’s vital your website’s performance is as good as it looks. We regularly analyse and assess all of all our websites to ensure they’re meeting all of your online goals.