Auto Trader Responsive Email Newsletter

We continue to enjoy a fantastic working relationship with Auto Trader and recently we were given an exciting new project – To design and build a brand new responsive email template for their monthly newsletter, with an audience of several hundred thousand people across the UK.

Auto Trader newsletter


New Strategic Features

Design is not all visual, we had to think about the layout of the content within the newsletter as well as the addition of new functionality to increase engagement and click-throughs.

We decided to include a free desktop wallpaper with every month’s newsletter, a positive focal point that also acts as a high impact header image – This is both responsive in design and dynamic content, with readers using a smart phone receiving a mobile-specific wallpaper and vice versa for desktop client users.

We were also keen to incorporate social sharing for all of the main newsletter articles, allowing readers to instantly share the key articles with their friends across the major social networks.

Email Social Sharing

Fully responsive

With 40% of all initial email opens for the Auto Trader Newsletter being carried out on a smart phone, it’s vital our new template adapted to suit the unique requirements of mobile devices. We designed and built the email to be responsive from the ground up, resulting in a fantastic user experience for mobile readers.

Responsive newsletter

Thoroughly tested

With several hundred thousand recipients, the Auto Trader newsletter has a pretty substantial audience. As such and as with all of our email template designs, it was of the upmost importance that the template was tested thoroughly and extensively across the huge range of email clients both mobile and desktop.

Email clients can be a little fussy at the best of times and we use industry standard tools to ensure our designs render effectively across the board.

Tested across all desktop and mobile email clients

Results, results, results!

We were thrilled to find out following the campaign send out that our new template design has helped improve results across all of the major measurable statistics for email campaigns (when compared to the previous month’s newsletter).

20% increase in open rateA 20% increase in open rate(Recipients receiving the email and opening it to read)

45% increase in engagementA 45% increase in engagement (Recipients reading the newsletter for over 15 seconds)

134% increase in click throughA 134% increase in click throughs (Readers clicking on links within the newsletter)

Another happy customer

We’re happy to continue to work with Auto Trader on both their extensive range of email campaigns and the ongoing management of their social media community.