OVO Energy Email Marketing

As a fast growing and dynamic company OVO Energy have an ongoing need for creative and technical support for their CRM and marketing teams.

We work as an extension of the OVO team on a daily basis using our focus, experience and expertise to design, build, test and send a wide variety of campaign and triggered emails.


When we first began working with OVO, their emails were not mobile-friendly, a big no no when our initial analytics showed that OVO’s emails were opened by 48% of their recipients initially on a mobile device. This number is growing on a monthly basis and we’ve now optimised, built and tested their entire range of emails to ensure the optimum experience for OVO’s customers when opening, reading and engaging with their emails on any platform, mobile or desktop.

OVO mobile


OVO’s ‘business as usual’ triggered emails such as their monthly energy meter read or direct debit confirmation emails were previously sent out as PDF attachments – A less than ideal user journey – In our redesign and build of these key emails we looked to maximise the readability and digestibility of the vital information within and as with all of our email designs and builds, the optimum user experience is the number one priority.

OVO email iPad


We always recommend testing email creative as much as possible – Analytics and data provide an invaluable insight into the ongoing success of OVO’s campaigns and utilising dynamic content as well as data based A/B testing we can continuously fine-tune and improve OVO’s email sends.

OVO A/B test


After implementing a brand new email based renewals journey built by us OVO have seen their most successful renewals period ever – With an increase of 30.2% in renewal rates.