How messaging is evolving from CRM

For anyone who is in CRM and has been keeping their eyes on the latest product and tech releases, it’s a very interesting time.

There’s a two pronged assault on how we communicate and interact with our products (and each other) emerging that will almost certainly shape the industry we’re in and the scope of our roles.

Firstly, the tech industry is putting all its eggs in a Virtual Reality basket with devices being launched by all the major players this year. Despite it being around for quite some time, the VR industry is still an unknown when it comes to user acceptance. With the Google Glass experiment being a step too far (potentially drawing parallels from the first wave of VR in the 90’s) the VR focus is on keeping it within your house. How this will evolve will largely be shaped by the usage trends that come out over the next 1-2 years.

For anyone who has a borderline unhealthy obsession with Product Hunt, you’ll have seen an array of product releases and developments which are looking to expand communications.

Facebook’s first attempt to ‘kill email’ all those years ago has given them the foundation on which they’ve built their next generation of messaging apps and with it hitting 800m users in 2015, you’d have to say it’s doing much better this time – Next up is their Slack-rivalling Facebook for business and the rumoured Bot store to further evolve messaging.

This is along with a myriad of other products such as Mainframe, Snack, and more obvious heavyweights like Slack and Whatsapp.

Combine the two together, and you start to see how messaging engagement will change. Developing your understanding of recipient context, not just from a consumer profile point of view, but also a situational (device/location/mindset) one will become more important to the success of your message.

From a technology perspective, each of the developing messaging channels has its limitations and opportunites (I love brobot and el robot) that the future communications manager will have at their disposal.

This isn’t an “email is in trouble” post. Far from it. Email has 2.5bn users (take that fb messenger!) and predictions are this will continue to grow.

As an industry, we’ve always championed the ‘customer-first’ approach and being able to identify the increasing preferences of your customer base will be a sure fire way to stay relevant and keep your customers engaged.