Email design and html code

We’re all about email! It’s our speciality and we live and breath beautiful, successful and profitable email campaigns. Whether you’re looking to build a long-term email marketing strategy, build a one off campaign or test and analyse multiple versions of different creative – We would love to help exceed your expectations of this versatile and cost effective marketing medium.

We offer bespoke email design and code solutions, working based on your unique requirements we are happy to offer varying levels of support for your email activity. We work with a wide range of clients including public companies and start-ups and we’re involved in the send of over 1 million emails per week.

For many of our clients we operate as an expert extension of their in-house team, designing and coding emails for both their day to day customer communications and their marketing campaigns – We’re also more than happy to act as an ad-hoc resource, able to provide quick and convenient resource when you need it.

Contact us for a friendly chat about your email requirements.

Your Platform or ours

We’re experienced with the majority of email send platforms and we’re always happy to integrate into your tried and tested systems. Or if you’re looking for a new solution we’re able to recommend the best platform for your unique requirements - We can set up, manage and maintain your new or established platform or if preferred we can work with your team to establish the most efficient solution for your customer communications.

Bullet-proof and Future-proof

We hand-craft beautiful designs backed up by consistent and reliable html code - Each email we send is rigorously tested for consistency across the wide range of email recipient software, both mobile and desktop. We can also insert tracking codes to provide sophisticated analytics and reports for each of your sends. We’re constantly fine tuning and optimising our html coding methods to be certain that our emails are as optimised as efficient as possible.

Mobile first or mobile friendly

An increasingly substantial percentage of recipient’s first view of an email will be on a mobile device - As such and as a rule it’s essential to ensure your email is at the very least optimised and responsive for mobile devices. We can go a step further and based on your average recipient profile design your emails to be optimised for mobile devices first, allowing for the best possible experience for your customers from the moment they open your email.