CRM Customer Relationship Management

Building strong and consistent relationships with your customers has never been more important, and in this increasingly competitive market customer relationship management is a vital aspect of any successful organisation’s day-to-day operations.

We work with businesses ranging in size from publicly listed companies to brand new startups helping them to build long-term and sustainable CRM strategies.

We offer full-service team-extension solutions, integrating with your marketing and technical departments to provide an ongoing and adaptable resource at your disposal during your operating hours – Building and sending email campaigns, uploading and managing your data, maintaining your customer relationships through social media and providing indepth analysis and reporting throughout.

Alternatively if you already have a CRM team in place, we can provide ad-hoc support and backup resource that’s tailored to your team’s unique requirements.

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Your Platform or ours

We’re experienced with the majority of major CRM and email send platforms and we’re always happy to integrate into your tried and tested systems. Or if you’re looking for a new solution we’re able to recommend the best platform for your unique requirements - We can set up, manage and maintain your new or established platform or if preferred we can work with your team to establish the most efficient solution for your customer communications.

Social, social, social

As consumers increasingly turn to social media as their preferred means of making contact with your business it’s vital to have a strategy and team in place for both day to day posting, campaign support and responding to comments both positive and negative directed at your business online. We work with you to create a detailed social media strategy that provides commercial results, builds your brand and ultimately improves your customer relationships.

Analysis and reporting

The proof is always in the pudding, and we’re strong believers in the substantial power of testing, analysis and reporting. We will never rest on our laurels and will always seek to utilise indepth analysis of your day to day communications and campaign activity to ensure constant optimisation both in terms of long term strategy and on-the-fly improvements. We’ll always reguarly share concise and transparent reporting with you on all your CRM activity.